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Whether your organisation is looking to fulfil existing hardware and software requirements, expanding or shifting departments, or looking to provide training or additional resources to employees, IT Audits and Assessments play a fundamental role. Taking a 30,000 foot look at what and how you currently use IT and how that application stacks up against others in the industry is usually a great place to get started.

When we take assessment of your organisation we review every element from your IT infrastructure including work station setups, storage, firewalls, existing recovery functions, software versions and overall connectivity… just to name a few! And although we do compare findings against industry best practices, by looking at your entire IT environment and working with key individuals within your organisation, we’re able to get a good picture of the IT landscape within your unique business model.

And that’s just the point! Your business encompasses its own desired goals and outcomes, and thereby a one size fits all approach to IT managed services is not likely to make sense. By getting a better picture of what your company aims to achieve overall, BMTG can align the correct business IT solutions that actually support and empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

*A note on Hardware & Software
All Hardware, servers, monitor arms, keyboards, mobile phones, printers, laptops, tablets… need to be upgraded at some point. End of life equipment needs to be removed from the field, wiped clean and replaced. New equipment needs to be specified and installed. Inventory lists need to be maintained, and licenses and warranties monitored.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it..? But it doesn’t need to be… It’s all in a day’s work for BMTG.

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